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Metal thing for claw/tooth necklace. What is it?

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  • Metal thing for claw/tooth necklace. What is it?

    I want to get hold of the metal thing that holds a tooth, claw or crystal. I have several large bird claws I want to make into a necklace but don't know what to call it. I cannot post an example as URL posting is disabled for me. If you like you can type something like "claw pendant" into google image search and you will see what I mean. Any help will be much appreciated. Pye.

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    Hi pye, welcome to the forum, I dont have a clue, but i'm sure someone who can help will come along....


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      Do you mean a bail?


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        You can indeed use a bail if the claw is already drilled. Otherwise you can glue the top inside a bead cap. We have a 4mm bead cap that opens to wrap the top of the claw and all you need is use some glue to keep it in place. (
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          I've got a wide selection of 'Pinch Bails' in both Sterling Silver and Silver Plated on the site,

          If you're interested in having a look go to 'Sterling Silver' Category > 'Bails'

          or 'Silver Plated' Category > 'bails'

          Hope this is the type of thing you're looking for


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            Those things could do but I'm looking for something that actually holds the claw in place like a wee cup.

            I will look into using those bails though. My claws unfortunately do not have bone in them, they are only sheaths as I didn't have time to remove bone also so I might need to fill them with something before drilling the hole. This is particularly why I ask for something that covers the end.