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Essentials for jewellery making?

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  • Essentials for jewellery making?

    As many of you know I'm about to open a real live shop (silly grin still firmly fixed on my face ) and I'd like it to be a more general craft shop than my papercrafts based website. I'm hoping to have a spinner or wall panel dedicated to jewellery making but I'm not sure what are the must haves to stock. I've been looking at supplies and it'd be easy to fill the whole shop so I was hoping some of you jewellery people could give me an idea of the must-haves? What do you always seem to run out of or what were the essentials when you started out?

    For the more spe******t items I'm planning on keeping a list of forum members webshops to recommend to customers.
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    Its such an exciting time for you !! You're right about there being so much choice and unless you want to fill the whole shop with beads () I would think the basic items would include things like:

    for earrings: head pins/ eye pins/ earring findings

    for necklaces & bracelets: clasps/ jump rings/ wire/tiger tail/ nylon threads/ crimps

    maybe stock some bead kits ..?

    maybe a few basic pliers...?

    I could go on but that should get you started. Are there any bead/craft shops near to you that you could go and have a look at to get the general idea..? (feel free to PM me if you want more ideas).

    I'd be grinning too if I were you


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      I think Mel summed it up perfectly as to what you need!

      Just to add a couple of extra's... glass pendants, when I'm out shopping I always get drawn to pendants, and always on the look out for something a little bit different.

      I think seed beads are a must too... and... and... I could go on! But your shop would be full!

      Congratulations by the way on your new shop! I hope it is very successful for you!

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        Ooh you lucky ducky having a shop!!Im sooo jealous.

        Yep, I think the above sums it up, did they mention things like pliers and crimp covers.How about ribbon.maybe craft magazines.

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          Everything Mel (aka lili) said plus maybe a beginners instruction book or even a few magazines. Not sure if you where wanting to stock magazines but I always notice the ' do you want to stock us ' adds in the uk magazines. Hope this helps. Good Luck, you are doing what I ultimatly want to do open a craft shop / gallery and spread the word on crafting.

          sorry seahorse I just noticed you mentioned magazines !!
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            A fabric shop I go to has a pinboard which has peoples business cards attached to it, you could have an area displaying crafters business cards/posters.


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              Shop Stock

              I sell some beads and finding in my shop in Eastbourne. I expect you
              will develop regular customers and they will let you know what kinds of items they like to buy.
              I get asked on a regular basis for leather thong, beading wire, elastic, headpins, clasps, both silver and silver-plated, charms, crimp beads, ear wires, all types of beads but especially pink ones. Gemstone beads are the most popular in my shop.
              I stock Beadalon products, if you have retail premises they will supply you direct from the USA and they have a very wide range to chose from.
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                Good luck with the new shop!

                I would suggest that you stock a comprehensive range of tools because when people get more experienced, they need extra tools for more advanced projects.