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Do you white it out, or settle for a dark background?

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  • Do you white it out, or settle for a dark background?

    Diamante Cross Bracelet.jpgThis is exactly the same thing, again with the 8mm beads and elasticated, but, as normal, I struggle to make decisions on the photography. I feel, either I decide that I am happy with the slightly 'white-out' look, as above, or I am in a position of settling for a grey/beige background but gain clarity - as below. Invariably I find I like the white background and so I go for that rather than the grey which, arguably would give more detail. What do you say, is it detail or background for you?

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    Hi Trish.

    Sorry but all the photos seem out of focus to me regardless of the background. The lighter ones would be totally unacceptable for me as a product shot, the smaller thumbnail when enlarged is in the main just a blur. It's really difficult to get clear white shots of jewellery, especially silver and clear stones. Is the first one taken on a mirror surface ?

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      Taken on a white perspex top, which may have been given a mirrored effect as I think the sun might have been right above the garden table when I took it. I could plug it in and light it inside and see if that gets rid of the mirrored effect. I totally get what you are saying about the lighter picture with the white background, it has been taken with a close up micro lens on on the Nikon that may be why.


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        I would use a textured photo board with a muted background. It is hard but you may be better taking in a light tent. Jewellery is hard to photograph, I know I sometimes have to redo but found that my iPhone gave better pic's than the camera.


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          I think you are right, I think I might try to dig out the normal lens and take the micro lens off.


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            Out of curiosity were you using a tripod? I personally find that all of my photos have a slight blur to them if I take them freehand. A tripod and a remote shutter button were a very good investment for me (about £50 for the two IIRC). It could just be my shaky hands though!

            At the moment I'm using the stock lens on my cannon camera and accepting that I have to move the camera away from the item a little but I' happy enough with that. Eventually I plan on getting a macro lens as from everything I have read these can make your pictures that little bit more crisp.
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              Yep, tripod in place, the out of focus background is because there is a Macro lens one the camera. I was going for a 'Tiffany' style photo of jerellery where the front is the main focus (background blurred) and with a mirror image on the surface, like the Tiffany one below:tiffany.jpg
              I was figuring if it is good enough for tiffany it's good enough for me, but I just wondered what others thought about the photographic process viz'a'viz a white background or a grey background where the clear crystals I used might have been a little more prominent. It's tricky because where I wasn't using the clear crystals I would mirror the above and white it out. Ooooon the other hand, if doing bridal jewellery (which I fancy getting on the site as soon as I have enough time to make some) wouldn't it be better to go for all grey backgrounds since most of that is going to be crystal clear or white ... you see my dilema.

              I am not keen on a coloured or patterned background but I think before i start I should make a decision so that they are all photographed with the same background.

              In essence ... I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure


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                I prefer white background


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                  I agree, I think the white back ground sets products of much better and you get a better idea of the true colours in the item.