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  • Brooch pins

    I'm looking for a bit of feedback from people who wear brooches.

    1) Is it always best to have the longest pin that will fit on the brooch or is there a sweet-spot pin length (they seem to commonly be 20/25/37mm)

    2) if the brooch is taller than it is wide, is it better to have a shorter horizontal pin or a longer vertical one? I mean if it's between a 25 & 37mm pin rather than a super skinny 10 vs 37mm.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For me the thing is weight and balance, so take himself the Darren the Dragonfly below:

    Green Dragonfly Brooch.jpgDragonfly Green.jpgNote first that the end of the brooch that levers is at his head, because that is the heaviest part of him, I wan the brooch to stretch as far down the lenth of him as possible so that he sits 'solid' and doesn't dollop about. But I don't want the pin so long that it shows. So for me if it were, day a round brooch, I would put the longest brooch I could get (that would not show) and put it diagonally across the back, thus giving it the best possible base and firmness. That is ... unless it has, for some reason, more weight at the top of the brooch than at the bottom (again on a round brooch) in which case I would want it vertically across the top of of the brooch so that the weight is evenly distributed.

    Hope that helps.


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      I think a brooch should have a thick pin-base and should be topped with a pleasing pattern which is light in weight. As an answer to your second question, it does not matter how the pin is set as long as its design is accordingly set.


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        My girl prefers long hair fork