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Snowball Necklace, nice and easy but I love it

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  • Snowball Necklace, nice and easy but I love it

    Blue Orb.jpgIMG_8472.jpgWinter Crystal Orb Blue.jpg

    Whilst we wait to sell our house and move area I finally find myself with time on my hands to create more than just the basics and I am going to town big time. This one I put together using 4mm monofilament. I used some teardrops with end holes and drew them together using 0.4mm monofiliament, that gave me the 'ball', then I thread the monofilament through the ball to create the 'necklace' part of it it. I managed to get another strand of 0.2mm monofilament through it as well which has made it incredibly strong and hold its shape. Wear mine a lot and made loads for my mates, none of them have broken yet.

    No stranger to using tools, I must admit that it was refreshing to make a piece mainly using just snips!

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    So pretty Trish and love the colours you have used.


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      Many many thanks Caroline and I agree colours make it a little more edgy whereas, whilst it looked more icy in clear crystal (see below) it seemed more alive in the blue. Next I am going to try on in a grey colour with an ab coating, it will either look really good or ... really naff I feel :-0
      Crystal Orb.jpg