Hey guys, new to the forum!

Have a question about cabochons and their bases if that's alright - I have been gluing cabochons to bases with E6000 Jewellery and Bead glue. Only problem is that the small gaps left around the edges of the cabochons are quite messy. I have bought several different cabochons and settings over the past 6 months and they all seem to have this small gap.

I have been left trying to scratch out the E6000 in the gap between the cabochon and base.This is really messy and time consuming and never leaves a neat finish; in fact the base is usually scratched as a result. With the E6000, you can't just rub away the part of it that you don't want, and leave the rest filling the gap - when you rub it, it pulls most of itself out of the gap - but leaves it really messy!

I have been looking for a jewellery gap filler and have been surprised to have not found any. Something that can be puttied into the gap and the top neatly wiped away - leaving the remainder to dry hard and clean up the finish of the piece. Woodworkers have woodfiller, tilers have grout and builders have silicon - they all do this job.

Has anybody else encountered this problem and have any recommendations for a jewellery gap filler? Do any of the glues out there work in this fashion?

Many thanks for your time,