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Looking for basic Resin Coating advice

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  • Looking for basic Resin Coating advice

    Hi All,

    I've got an idea for a couple of little brooches and similar pieces and was hoping for coat them with some clear epoxy resin. Any advice / warnings as to what products to look for / avoid? I really don't want to spend £100 on a litre of West Systems epoxy and discover it's not quite the right thing or my idea just won't work. Any good suppliers in the UK other than Amazon?


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    A problem like yours was the reason for setting up our nonprofit association 5 years ago.
    All creative people have the difficulty of converting the idea into a product and then testing it on the market. We believe that real test is when the visitors vote for the products with their wallet.

    Jewelery made of real flowers was one of our first projects. Right now at the big flower exhibition we present new flower brooches. Their making is made possible by our epoxy formula we called "three part epoxy".

    We use epoxy in large quantities and we would be honored to make samples according to your needs and specification. Of course FOR FREE.

    We are new here and we still do not know how to publish pictures and links, so we can not show you our works.

    If you think we can help you in further work, feel free to contact me here.



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      Thanks, Zeljko,

      I tried to send you a message, but don't know if that works properly (I am also a very new user). I'm very interested, could you share a product name I could google? or maybe break up the url so that it isn't formatted/clickable and picked up by the auto blocking part.


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        We hope we are better in craft than in working with this site.

        We are a nonprofit association and one of our first projects was the upcycling of flowers thrown at a nearby flower fair.

        In 5 years we have tried all the possible ideas with the flowers and it is no surprise that the most successful turn out to be jewelry.

        I'm a chemist and my friend brought dozens of different epoxy formula samples to try. For the first two years we only studied the behavior of flowers in them.

        We chose the best and started production.

        Epoxy jewels are not new stuff so our first works (casting in the molds) were not big success. . In conversation with customers, we learned that they liked the flower in a shallow metal pendant. Here we have achieved excellent results. The problem was the lack of choice of flowers. ( we can incorporate only small ones ).

        That's why we have tried to create epoxy tiles to incorporate flowers. In this way, any flower can be turned into jewelry. At the fair last week we showed the finished collection. Every day in our gallery we sell a few of necklace and earring to tourists from around the world.

        Enough introduction.

        For the flower tiles we took the epoxy used in medicine and food industry and in the factory lab we reduced the surface tension so as to avoid the "doming effect". Our plates are equally thick.

        This epoxy can not be bought, and for factory formulas I think it's a minimum 55 gallon drum

        What we can do at this time.

        According to your instructions we can make your product and send it to you or we can send you an epoxy sample free of charge so that you can try to make your own idea yourself.
        Please let us know which way you want to go forward.

        Yours, Zeljko.


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          Hi Zeljko,

          Whilst I would love to try out your resin, I wouldn't want to take advantage since I'm really not looking to move to any kind of production, I just trying things out for myself with the optimistic goal of making something nice for my wife maybe.

          Would really love to see some pictures of what you describe for curiosity though, they sound fantastic.


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            No problem. We will be happy to assist you.

            Click on our "Handmadeinzagreb" profile and there you will find 4 pictures of our works throughout the years. If you go to "VISITOR MASAGE" you will find our Facebook page with a lot pictures of our works.

            I think there would be 3 bottles of 50 ml in the letter. Two of A and one of B component.

            The only problem I see in the present defense against terrorism. The letter will go through the X-RAY and will certainly be opened when they see three bottles. I'll include all the necessary information, but I'm really afraid because our sample is not in facrory package.

            Look at the work and consider sending the sample by mail.