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How to properly seal glitter to a wooden template - help needed

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  • How to properly seal glitter to a wooden template - help needed

    Hi all,

    I hope someone could offer a bit of clarity; I am making small brooches/jewellery that began with glitter fabric that I was sealing with PVA glue (Hodge Podge didn't go so well) but I want to move onto layering glitter with Hodge Podge as well. I know that it can be used as a sealant, but I wondered if, after 2 layers, it may need another separate sealant, such as a varnish, to make it waterproof/more durable etc or if the Hodge Podge (gloss) itself would do the trick? If you would advise another sealant on top of the HP - what would you say?

    The glitter fabric has lasted well so far, but it was slightly dulled by the glue, thus the alternative of using glitter, but I obviously want the highest longevity possible.

    The items at the moment are pretty small (about 3 inches long), it is more if a person wears it on their coat and if there was any advice I can offer (apart from "don't get it wet") if I just use Hodge Podge. I've done a lot of googling about the matter, and get a lot of conflicting information so it would be great to see what advice can be actively offered here!

    Thank you...

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    I am assuming you mean mod-podge? They do have a waterproof product within their range now if that is an issue. From your post I am a little unclear about what it is you are making,(is the fabric set into something or are you simply sealing it with layers of mod-podge?) can you post a photo of one of your items and that will give us a better idea and maybe get your more targeted advice


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      Hi Christa,

      Thank you so much for your reply! Haha, yes - I meant Mod Podge (Hodge Podge won't go away!). I tried it last night, and it seemed to work OK with the glitter and only darken the glitter fabric slightly when used to seal over the top. I have a photo at the bottom of this post. They are badges & magnets that I am making and I will be using birch wood and balsa for the wood, with glitter fabric/glitter/fabric being set onto and sealed onto it. Although it had a gloss effect, would you advise of any varnishes for a smooth, shiny seal for the layered glitter?

      If I might also ask for some further advice; if I was to layer glitter/glue fabric to the back to make the item double sided, would this affect the bonding of the magnet or fastener at all?

      I hope that this makes more sense! Rosie


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        Rosie the attachment didn't work so I can't see a thing
        The mod podge (or any other wet glue/medium ) will darken glitter fabric because it is wet. I believe mod podge also may have a sparkly version if that would help bring back a little sparkle...Is there a particular reason you want to use glitter fabric? Cost or ease/time factor maybe? There are lots of other ways to get a textured glittery effect on a wooden base.

        As for making them double sided, it will really depend on the type and strength of magnet you are using as to whether or not it will hold with sealed layers of fabric on top. I have "buried" magnets behind double thickness of 280gsm card and they have worked perfectly - I think you would have to potentially sacrifice one in the name of research - nothing like trying it out to be sure


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          In order to figure out how much I would need to use, I practiced on a small piece of cardboard that I Mod Podged and glittered. I recommend doing this if it’s your first time. I found it best to spray from about 2 feet away and to not go overboard. Allow the spray to dry. Test a small spot on a letter to see if the glitter will still easily flake off. Spray a little more on if the glitter comes off.