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How much should I charge for a jewellery making class?

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  • How much should I charge for a jewellery making class?

    I'm after your advice please! I've been approached by a local charity and asked if I could teach teach jewellery making to a group of about 10 women during a few 1 & a half hour sessions. They aren't wanting anything too complicated. I'm not short on ideas but I have no idea what to charge!! In the past I have taught but to much smaller numbers and at an advanced level. I would appreciate your advice on this please!
    Thank you x

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    Hello Vikki, as it is charity so, I would suggest not charging them higher rates. Not only because it is for a noble caused but also because the organization would not be able to pay big. Normally an advanced level coaching starts at around $1200. So, I believe you can go for anything around $1000 or even below that. Additionally, you can even think of giving them online course if it is comfortable and manageable at both ends. As it will you’re your time as well. Though, at the end the final call is only yours.
    ​Matt Peterson


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      Have a look at your local evening courses to get an idea of costs. There are beading classes in London for £105 for 5 weeks, including beads making approx £20.00 per class per person. You may feel that is too steep but work out the hours you will spend, cost of materials, travel time etc and see if they are happy and you are happy. Do not undersell yourself and set the number of students you are happy to teach. If 10 this would give you £200 less costs for 1.5 hours.


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        The craft world is actually quite large—a $29 billion industry. It’s for this reason that we’re always so surprised how little benchmarking information is available for craft businesses

        I have done a few classes and what has worked best for me is $10.00 for a 2 hour class and the cost of supplies. I supply homemade kits for what I will teach, figure out the cost and then add just a tiny bit so they would still pay less than retail price but I make a few cents.