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    Hi there.
    I want to be able to drill a hole (s) in small stones and pebbles but want to ask what the best tool is to buy. Ive been recommended the Dremel 3000 but has anyone used one or does anyone have any other brands they use? It will only be used every now and again when I am making a few bits so I dont want to spend a fortune but am happy to pay for something decent. Thank you.

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    If you're only going to use it every now and then why not get a own brand one. Aldi and Lidl regularly have them with usually a 3 year warranty. The most important thing is to get the right drill bits for what you want to drill.


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      You will need diamond impregnated drills, which are not cheap.

      In addition the drills are brittle. If you are using a handheld drill then you are more likely to have a sideways movement breaking the drill. Try to get something that has a pillar attachment so it keeps the drill perfectly at 90 degrees. Also with a vice or holder for the stone.

      Also the drilling has to be done under water to stop the diamond drill from overheating. Now you don't actually need to physically place the stone under water. If large enough you can place a ring of blue tac around where you are drilling, and keep this topped up.

      Good luck!
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