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Alternative means of finishing off a piece (newbie)

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  • Alternative means of finishing off a piece (newbie)

    Hi all - back again with another Q. This time it relates to this wonderful bauble cap I chose to do from a kit - my first ever piece of beading & I'm chuffed to bits to be one strand off finishing it BUT - you can see how (on the finished one) all the strands go through the large bead at the base of the bauble. The thread actually goes through 2 small bead caps & a jump ring as well. So I've got a problem now with the final strand - for the life of me I can't get the needle to come out at the bottom as it's now so tight plus on the previous strand - when I did get to the bottom, I nearly couldn't get the needle back into the large bead as there's so much thread tightly packed around the bead cap.

    Any suggestions for how I could better finish it off perhaps without any loss of tension either?
    Thanks, Romayne