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Needle threading issues with severe hand arthritis - Newbie :)

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  • Needle threading issues with severe hand arthritis - Newbie :)

    I've been a longterm card maker who's now starting to look at making some kind of jewellery. So far I've tried chainmaille (ok with basic patterns), wirework (painful in parts) and some minimal beading which is where I've run into a real headache. I'd no idea beading needles had such tiny holes and no matter how I try - between my double vision and hand issues I can't even get one needle threaded. I'm trying to make a small beaded bauble cap (using a kit) so the beads are really quite tiny too which maybe doesn't help, but I fell in love with the design and know I couild probably manage it IF I could only get started.

    So basically I'm looking for some info on what alternatives might be available and also what help is out there for disabled crafters wanting to have a go at any of the various streams of jewellery??


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    Check out this You Tube link may help as has some suggestions


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      Duhhhh why didn't I think of that - thanks so much Carole - found plenty on there to review although the arthritis aspect still is an issue but perhaps my problems aren't actually any different to anyone else starting out new. I've no idea of the size of beads that came with this kit as they're just called A & B (stupidly!!) - I had to work out for myself which was the smaller mentioned ones etc but have managed to mess about trying with some heavier beading thread that I could use almost as a needle itself - but then it proved too springy for the design so am now waiting on one of those easy thread needles to have a go as I'm reluctant to invest in the more expensive threads as yet - need to know I can manage the skill first!! Appreciated


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        I have a tool that burns the end of threads both for seeking and making easier to thread through beads, may help got mine from Cookson Gold, a bit different from the one shown but cheaper