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how do you get ideas for jewellery making?

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  • how do you get ideas for jewellery making?

    I have gathered up a stash of beautiful semi precious and swarovski beads but all i can come up with is to string a plain necklace/bracelets. I am confident enough with mixing colours etc and would say i'm only at beginner level. I just want a few ideas to move me on a level.

    are the craft magazines a good place to start or does anyone know of any good online sites?

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    Have a look on Pinterest, usually loads of everything on there, build boards up of your favourite stuff so you keep it in files.



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      thanks. as much as the design its the actual instructions i need. might try some of the magazines.


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        You might want to have a look at some of the tutorials here:

        there are many other similar sites for stringing ideas.


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          Tutorials from Fire Mountain Gems

          Few ideas to get those creative juices going.

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            You can buy jewelry making magazines, that's alway a good way to improve you level and get sources of inspiration. I recommend to give your own personal touch to every project you make. But my best source of inspiration is always people. Go to a mall and just watch people passing by and their accessories. Always works for me!


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              There are lots of tutorials on You Tube too, and once you've watched a couple, it will recommend more.
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                Pinterest and Instagram are really good ideas and I am finding quite a lot of inspiration there for my jewellery items. I am doing laser cut jewellery now but a few years ago I was really into handmade jewellery and i got quite a lot of ideas from something called Beads Magazine - not too sure if it is still as good as it used to be! You may want to check it out though


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                  Pinterest is a great method, there's a real community on there. I would also find inspiration from pieces you see your friends wearing/ in magazines etc- see if there are elements you can recreate


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                    There are lots of tutorials on Youtube.


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                      Check out Pinterest and Youtube, then from there search for websites you can follow.

                      You can also check out books in the library for ideas.


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                        Pinterest and Google images, anything to get the visual juices flowing :-) Try lots of different search words, and try to be inspired rather than exactly copy as things that are more unique tend to sell better I find.

                        If it's on Pinterest, chances are lots of other people have already copied it, so be inspired to develop your own somewhat different versions is the ideal. Difficult, but the ideal is to achieve this.

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