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How to make this necklace please? (complete novice)

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  • How to make this necklace please? (complete novice)


    I've posted a v similar post in the handmade custom requests thread but am also asking here in case I have no luck there so please excuse the repetition. I have been looking for a fuchsia crystal jewellery set for the last few years but to no avail. I have an event in 3 weeks and decided I may as well give up looking for anything ready made (the only suitable stuff I found was either not available in UK, wholesale only or made with pink sapphires and would require me to re-mortgage and I'm not quite that desperate ) I recently came across this during a google search and something similar would be perfect.


    Unfortunately, the only jewellery I have ever made was a simple pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings which was literally stringing some beads and adding a clasp. I have no knowledge of jewellery making but can follow detailed tutorials and instructions. So my questions are, how easy would such a necklace and matching bracelet be to make and how do I go about it? (I think I can figure out the earrings but any advice about those also welcome.) What supplies would I need and where can I buy them? Also, can anyone recommend any suppliers for the crystal beads (not necessarily real, rhinestone etc fine as long as they don't look too cheap) please (web based or real shops in London or Cambridge area)? I'm happy to work with whatever shapes I find but would like some of the beads to be big enough to stand out and all I can find in this colour are small bicone beads (although admittedly the extent of my search has been hobbycraft ). Or would I be completely mad to even attempt this with no jewellery making skills or knowledge? Any thoughts on alternative styles that might make an impact but require considerably less skill are also welcomed!

    Thank you in advance for any help which will be greatly appreciated!

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    I think the best place to start is to have a google for necklace tutorials, or pop down to your local library and have a look there (I recently found loads of beading books lurking in my local library). Once you know how to construct the necklace it will be easier to find suitable beads.
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      I think you might be better off starting a bit smaller if you've not made much jewellery before, then building up to a design like that


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        That style is quite complcated to make, most are factory made. An alternative may be to use sew on crystals like these on a felt or lace shaped yoke and a chain added at the sides.
        Similar to these ideas

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          As Melanie said, this type of necklace uses factory made components designed specifically for this necklace. However you should be able to make something similar using 'framed beads' connected by jump rings (it took me ages to figure out what these types of beads are called!). Then you just need to connect them in a design of your choosing using jump rings and attach a chain using jump rings. I hope that helps!