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Selling Off All Jewellery Stock - My Whole Shop??

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  • Selling Off All Jewellery Stock - My Whole Shop??

    I have been wanting to stop selling jewellery online for a while, and start a whole new project, but I just don't know how to sell off all of my stock in one go; totalling many hundreds of handmade necklaces and earrings. I've spent thousands on the supplies so I certainly can't afford to give it away.

    (I'm wanting to sell everything in my shop plus more that I haven't even listed yet)

    I've tried splitting it all up into smaller lots but haven't had any luck selling them (on Ebay and Etsy). I just don't know what to do! I need somewhere with high traffic where people who are likely to be interested in this kind of thing would hang out

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    Find what you want to do and then do it with all your heart.

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    Try looking for a local market ( we have the Farnham Maltings once a month) that is the sort of place as the footfall is huge. Table top sales are also what I am trying to sell a load of old craft supplies that I bought and never used and now do not want. Ebay is very slow. You could also try Folksy or Dawanda as they have supplies sections.

    Try opening a page on FB, if you use a selling page you can list there. Not easy to get rid of old stock.


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      There are a couple of websites dedicated to selling off unwanted stock . I found them by googling but dismissed them as what was offered didn't cover the cost of the materials.

      Very surprisingly I've seen the following work twice. You talk about it a lot. You let the chatteratie chat about it. Out of the blue someone approaches you and says I was thinking of starting up as....or expanding into.....and while being honest, you talk about how wonderful it's been but how your life has moved on.....and they buy you out. So for my friend they bought all his stuff. For the Annie me it was a third of my business and I took his big car and he took my van. We hummed and ha-ed for a month, gave each other space to cool off, and I let him pay in instalments. It's been brilliant for both of us. It needed give and take and trust as neither of us are rich but it's worked.

      The second thing is a bit thinking out of the box but I've done 'Buy a ticket/Win a prize every time' for charities. That bit of my stall sells out in the first hour. If you could find a way of pricing the tickets right and splitting the cost of what you are giving away so you keep a share but the rest goes to charity - that might be away to shift things quickly.

      The Anna me has the same problem needing to shifting things so let us know if anything works.


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        Thanks for your answers
        It is indeed proving to be a very difficult thing to sell completed jewellery items in bulk...I'm thinking I might have more luck if I dismantled everything and sold them as supplies instead. Hmm...I'll have a think and keep trying to sell my stock as I am (very very slowly!)

        Find what you want to do and then do it with all your heart.


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          Have you tried doing job lots on ebay? or group together some on etsy as business starter kits?


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            Try FB - there are loads of "buy, sell, swap" pages for soap and soapmaking and other specific crafts/hobbies ingredients/equipment - there must be some for jewellery?

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              I have tried selling 'lots' on Etsy and on Ebay with no luck. Starter kit might be a good idea, thanks.
              Not on Facebook so haven't tried but I'm coming round to the idea that might actually be the best place...i'll have a look...

              Find what you want to do and then do it with all your heart.


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                what did you find worked in the end? i am going to be doing the same!
                Wishing you the success I also wish for myself
                May you be blessed with the kindness you show others in life.


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                  I'm interested too.

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