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  • findings suppliers in the UK

    hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, if it is would a mod please kindly move it to the correct one. i also apologise if this has been asked before however i am rather new to this hobby.

    anyway, can anyone point me towards a few good findings suppliers in the uk? i am particularly interested in locating a supplier for brass ring blanks, clasps and cabochon pendant settings.

    thanks in advance!

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    Always a good place to start...............


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      My fav.
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        I too recommend!

        Also (sorry you'll have to copy and paste it as I'm not allowed to post urls yet!)
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          I'm recommending myself here....I stock a really good selection of Sterling Silver findings if that's what you're looking for... worth a look when you're browsing around


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            try robsonan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx i just found it on google.

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              PJ's worth a look

              Hi I recommend PJ Minerals, which I think is now called PJ Beads - so that's probably what alot of others are recommending! They're good because they do bulk discounts and there's no minimum spend!
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                I believe Fred Alduos sell the brass rings.


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                  I get some of my findings from MKCLOCKS:

                  They've got a website and an ebay shop..


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                    International craft are also cheap if you want basic settings and findings.



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                      Just wanted to second the recommendation for International Craft - they are fab!!

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                        Good quality findings


                        I am fairly new to jewellery making. I take the point about silver findings. But when I don't want silver or gold (and as I make jewellery to sell for charity I try to keep my costs down) where can I get good quality, even if it costs just a bit more?

                        It's just that, especially with clasps, I have found that sometimes what looks like a bargain isn't because you have to throw loads of them away because they are faulty.

                        Maybe the sites mentioned above are good quality as well as good prices, but I'd value some advice.




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                          Burhouse beads (in Yorkshire) are pretty good too
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                            I'll second Burhouse Beads. Just got a mailshot from them yesterday and they got a whole new range of plated findings in "because of the rising cost of sterling silver". I was there a couple of weeks ago and they were just sorting them out so will check them out next time I visit.

                            They don't have a minimum order value but there is a £3 handling fee for orders under £25. I think you can ring up and request a free catalogue - if its not free its worth the money cos its huge and they have allsorts in it.

                            One problem with Burhouse is that they are a trade only supplier and they ask for proof of your business - usually a couple of invoices from other suppliers is enough.

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                              I use Silver Corporation and Jillys beads. if you order before 12 your stuff will be posted that day!!

                              great if you really desperate for something, everything is well packaged, no complaints so far.


                              steph @ glamour and groovy