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E6000 or Hypo Cement?

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  • E6000 or Hypo Cement?

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and to jewellery making.
    I know it's probably asked loads and loads, but what is the best glue to use for gluing metal to plastic?

    My friend sells statement necklaces and jewellery online, and has recently given me a box of old broken pieces that I'd like to make more necklaces with. I have loads of old buttons and flat back resin shapes from scrapbooking that I'm planning on using too. What I'm hoping to do is just buy a few plain, flat collar style necklaces and glue the buttons / scrap jewellery onto them.

    I don't think the plastic buttons and shapes will be any issue, but some of the scrap jewellery is very heavy. I've been researching different glues, and I'm stuck now between choosing the E6000 or the hypo cement glues - both have excellent reviews and are reasonably priced. I don't want to spend huge money on glue, as I'm only toying with the idea so far! My friend has offered to sell any necklaces I do make, so if they did turn out to be good quality I'd probably look into doing it as more of a hobby. It's wistful thinking for now, though, and I'm just looking forward to harvesting all the bits I've got now!

    Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

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    E6000 is great but has some negative press involving breathing the fumes but to be honest I don't think it can be that harmful. Otherwise there is Fantastic Elastic which is good for sticking all sort of materials together and like E6000 remains flexible once dry so the pieces don't fracture apart.


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      Thanks so much Indivijewelistic! I think I'll try the E6000, and if I have no luck with it I could always try the Fantastic Elastic. I don't think the hypo cement would suit me, after looking at the nozzle it looks like it's for very fine work!

      ETA 4/4/16
      The E6000 is perfect! Thanks again!
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