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  • Quality waxed cotton cord supplier

    Hello. I am looking to use waxed cotton cord for some necklaces. I've read that the quality can vary and that some of the best ones come from the US rather than China or India. Can anyone help with where to find good quality cord by the spool? I've seen a brand called Su-preme which looks good but the colours are limited. I would like to use different bright colours as well as some neutral colours.

    I have done a lot of searching and most of the websites don't say where it's from and I can't tell what the quality is like.

    Alternatively I would consider using waxed Irish linen cord or hemp cord if I could be sure of the quality.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Following this one, I really struggle to find a consistent cotton cord. I also struggle with sizing, I ordered a 1mm waxed cotton cord once and it was nearly 2mm thick, not good to get that through stones. Even struggle with getting a 0.5mm through an 8mm stone
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      Glad to know it is not only me then. I hope someone can enlighten us. I am hoping to use 1mm.