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Wooden Earrings - where to begin

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  • Wooden Earrings - where to begin

    I have been looking into making my own wooden earrings. But I have no idea where to start. So far I know I can get ready made designs that need painting but I want to learn how to carve my own and then do the extra decorative bits after

    Any suggestions where I should start?

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    For a little bit of money, buy a Stanley knife and play at whittling. Do you have a garden with shrubs that need pruning. Mess around with small branches. Then sand paper to smooth things off. If the ideas flow you'll know where to go next. Look on You Tube for the how tos. I wouldn't look there for ideas because you want to be original but it's worth checking on line whether what you thought was your next brilliant personal idea is already out there being made in the East for pennies. Tghat's demoralising.
    In my case my next tool was a surgeon's knife, then a jeweller's saw, mini carving tools and files, a mini drill (oh I had a hand drill first). Now I've got pillar drills, sanders and grinders, have found spe******t wood suppliers etc but all that costs money so make and sell first and build up slowly, is my advice.
    There are some EU regulations for earrings. The findings (wire bit that goes through your ear) must be nickle free.
    If you are just planning to paint ready cut out shapes there are suppliers of wooden blanks on line, as are jewellery findings and tools.
    It might be worth putting those words into the search box at the top of this page. I'm racking my brains to think of the wooden blank man's name, for the findings I'm thinking of Kernowcraft, but you'll come up with loads of good suggestions. we all have our favourites.
    Have fun.


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      Thanks for your response
      I didn't know about the nickle free bit. So I have learned something important. thanks.


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        I managed to find some blank wooden pieces already shaped but need personalising. Like paint etc. But unsure what is safe paint to use for earrings


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          You can simply buy those earring fittings from an uk store and they should be nickle free as we can't import and sell anything with nickle. Go for either stainless steel or silver plated and you should be fine. You can go for silver but it will raise the price you have to sell at considerably.

          Get down to maplins on the the high street they have range of little handheld kit from screwdrivers to cutters, all very well priced and all the right size for crafters little corners.

          Other than that I would say design away but the thing to take care on is the weight of the earrings because if they are too heavy they will not only be uncomforable but also hang badly when they are worn.


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            Thanks for the info


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              My friend used dremel to care Wood


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                Wooden earrings, i haven't seen that.
                But you can make DIY wooden earrings.


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                  I've seen some videos on youtube, you can easily take help from there!
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