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    I am new to using resin but want to have a go at making some pendants with dried flowers in i have ordered some gedeo crystal resin not sure if this is the right stuff to use i tried an internet search but there are so many different ones i just got confussed i would like a resin that dries clear as im using flowers inside i would like to see as much detail as possible if anyone has any sugestions on a different type and a good supplier it would be much appreciated.


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    There was someone on here that did specifically that, flowers, locks of hair, the lot..can't remember now, worth a search, I think their site told you how and what with.



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      Thankyou will keep searching


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        I use Gedeo crystal resin. Of all the epoxies I've tried (afraid the only name I recall is Amazing resin, but there have been a few!) I find it by far the best - the transparency is good and it doesn't hold too many bubbles. It does take a good while to cure, though - I have some small pieces curing at the moment that I hoped would be done in 24 hours but I'd forgotten how slow it was - they should be ready to demould tonight, two nights after pouring. This will depend on the size and volume of your piece, though.

        There are lots of different types of resin, and lots of brands make those types! So yes, super confusing. I think you picked well, though.

        Another type I use is polyester, which cures a bit faster, has good clarity and hardness, but is a bit more brittle and produces horrible fumes! However it polishes quite nicely, and I find I use it more for pendants and anything small and 'nuggety' that doesn't have sticky-out bits that might snap - if that makes sense! Anything fragile like that I'll use Gedeo epoxy if I want transparent - Smooth-Cast if I'm going to be painting it (that cures white, but in about 20 mintues, so is wonderfully handy!).

        But polyester is evil - definitely for getting started I'd recommend epoxy, and out of those I've tried the one I keep using is the one you ordered


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          Hi ErinT i really liked the gedeo resin and soon realised it takes a long time to dry i got some amazing clear resin and did not like it at all it doesn't dry as clear as the gedeo resin and seems alot thicker so not good for my delicate flowers altho does dry quicker i think i am going to stick to the gedeo for now there dosn't seem to be any fumes altho i had the door and windows open just in case


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            Yeeeah I remember Amazing being really viscous, quite difficult to use! Gedeo is a lot nicer to work with. I've never noticed much of a smell or fumes - polyester resins are the worst for that, used to get horrible headaches before I got my respirator. Gedeo tints well, too - my favourites are Trylon opaque and transparent pigments, but you can experiment with just about anything