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Jewellery Parties - does price matter?

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  • Jewellery Parties - does price matter?

    Hi all

    I've been reading people's posts about holding jewellery parties with interest as I am looking for new ways to promote/sell my own jewellery.

    However I wanted to ask those that are selling this way, what are the price ranges of your products? I handcraft from sterling silver and start from £12-£15 for small or simple items and go up quite high (my web link is in my sig if anyone wants to get an idea of my prices). Would the lack of a cheaper range of products put people off buying if I held a jewllery party?

    I guess I've been pretty badly burned by being at a craft fair before Christmas that turned out not to be crafty at all, but cheap mass produced imported good (and mainly jewellery at that) where my jewellery was at the higher end of the price scale and although I did sell (and just about cover the astronomical cost of the space), it was very disheartening to see people liking items but saying "Why is yours so expensive, that jewellery stall over there is so cheap" (pointing at machine produced stalls).

    Any views/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think advertise the fact that you make jewellery in sterling silver and use that as your selling point. Then people wont be shocked.

    Start having parties and inviting people who know you and your work, then they can bring they're friends along, it will continue from there.

    Some people prefer higher prices, it shows them the jewellery is extra special.
    Also Mothers Day is coming up, you could use that to your advantage too.

    Hope that has helped abit.
    Sarah x

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      I've heard that people do very well at parties. Perhaps it's because you have a captive audience that you can talk to easily, and of course, they're all coming because it's a jewellery party so they know what to expect. The atmosphere is usually chatty, and they all end up selling to each other

      I think if your hostess has positioned it right and said they will be seeing hand crafted unique jewellery, then the sales will happen.

      Don't reduce the prices on what you've already made. If you want to take some cheaper pieces, then make them to suit that price range, rather than lower the price of something that has expensive components which involved a lot of time and making. That way people can see the differential between what they're paying for.

      Good luck with the party

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        I know a 'jewellery lady' through doing craft fairs & she has jewellery parties. Her range isn't cheap but she gives such fantastic detail about each piece & they're all unique, people really do feel that they are getting value for money (which they are). She has started making 'cheaper' pieces - simple bracelets etc. only because she wants everyone to feel that they can afford a piece. She also designs & makes custom jewellery, again, people are more than happy to pay when they know what care and attention is lavished on their piece of jewellery - so, I'm sure you'll be just fine, the people that go to these parties don't want mass produced items, they want something 'a bit special'.

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          I've had a quick look at your website and your prices look fine for jewellery parties (your jewellery is gorgeous too! ) You'll be surprised at how much people will spend at a party - I used to work for Virgin Vie for a short while and the spend at some parties was sky high, I think once one person buys something it sets off a chain reaction with women

          I hope I'm not teaching you how to suck eggs but hopefully you might find these points helpful.

          Make sure the party hostess 'sells' the party well to her guests with proper invitations which includes a description of your jewellery (e.g. Silver, individually designed and made) and an idea of prices (from ... to ...). Guests will come with an idea of how much they think they can spend then and won't be surprised.

          Good luck with the parties, I'm going to have a try at them myself, although I don't really like selling that much - I'm not very good at it

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            Your work's lovely!...Personally I would do a slightly cheaper range to compliment the existing range you have. I wouldn't lower your existing range....You'll find you'll be able to 'upsell' on cheaper pieces because they'll be so pleased to have one of your regular items.
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              Going to a jewellery party was the inspiration for me to start out making my own jewellery. There were some beautiful pieces available at a range of prices which meant that everybody there felt they could treat themselves to something they liked. Don't reduce the price of your current pieces but if you can make some simple cheaper pieces I think it would go down well.


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                One of my friends sells solely at jewellery parties and her prices start from about £12 as well, but that's silver plated! She sells a bit of sterling silver but with the price tag to follow. I don't think you should lower your prices, you have worked them out to make a profit, you shouldn't lower them and lose out. Just make sure your customers are aware it's sterling with a clearly marked tag on each piece.

                The thing you could do is have lots of earrings, so that if someone wants something cheaper they can get some earrings. Or also like someone mentioned a few stretchy bracelets maybe.

                Remember if customers go to a jewellery party, they know it's handmade and will expect the prices to match. Make sure you mention on the invite that all jewellery is unique, handmade, and sterling silver if this is the case.

                How many of us have been to parties (Body Shop, Pampered Chef, etc) and thought it was expensive but still bought something!
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                  Thanks all for the objective perspective (and for the lovely comments!) sometimes it can be really hard to judge these kinds of things because I'm so close to it an have such an emotional as well as financial investment.

                  I think I'll definitely give it a go - better get my sales patter going!

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                    Just had a look at your website and your jewellery is gorgeous. I make jewellery but am fairly new to it so concentrate on beaded and wire jewellery.

                    I am just about to launch my website and am arranging some jewellery parties to get an idea of which of my products are popular and whether my prices are right etc.

                    I charge around the same prices as you but my products are silver plated not sterling silver. I think your prices are very reasonable and would definately pay more for your products especially for the sets.

                    I am arranging a party for friends and so am inviting them round for drinks and nibbles but they are coming well prepared to buy my jewellery. I have asked that they each bring a friend along with them to spread the word a bit more so most of them are bringing work colleagues just to widen the amount of people buying my products. I guess its a way to market yourself for free in a relaxed atmosphere.

                    Once I've seen how succesful this is I am hoping people will book me for their own parties.

                    I hope your party goes well and good luck!


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                      I'm doing a party next Monday at a friends house, she has given out 35 invites! God knows where she's going to put all the people!! I'm working on the theory that maybe half of them will turn up so am working really hard this week to replace the stock I sold yesterday at the fair I did. Selina