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jewellery making...where to start?

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  • jewellery making...where to start?

    I would like to make some jewellery out of my handmade beads. I know there's a lot of info out there in books & courses, but I don't know where to start.
    Does anyone have any recommendations about which books to get as a starting point?
    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    What sort of beads have you made?

    I don't think there is ONE place to start or ONE book I can recommend, how do you think your beads will be best presented?

    I would start with some very basic stringing and see what happens....


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      personally I would recommend basics of bead stringing by debbie kanan. It's a great book if you have imagination. By that I mean it tells you all about the differnt techniques used in jewellery making, about the componants and show you how to use them, then you can create your items knowing that the techniques and skills you have used are the coreect ones that will give your jewellery a professional look.
      I have it in my bead store.
      the other alternative is to attend a jewellery making basics class. I run those on a one to one basis so that you get the time and space to master the basic skills and tecniques. my classes are in East yorkshire, but there may be someone nearer to home for you.
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        thanks for the replies.
        I'll have a look at that book thanks. Its good to have a recommendation. I have looked at jewellery making books in amazon, but there are so many I'd no idea which to get