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    Hi all I'm new to jewellery making and this forum and would appreciate your advise. Yesterday I went on a jewellery making course with Leigh-anne McCagure we make a bracelet using wire and fixed with a clasp. We used some beads that I'm trying to find. They are similar to the rondelle spacers with crystals around edge but I'm trying to find them without crystals so I can glue my own on like on the course. Where would I find these beads. I've found the pointed end crystal to stick in it just not them.thank you and sorry if I sound amature with names but I am sorry.

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    I think these types of beads are made of clay so perhaps you could try making your own by sticking the crystals in the clay? Or they can be bought... if I'm thinking correctly I think you may mean shamballa beads, or pave beads.
    xx Wendy xx

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      Thank you for your reply. the beads/spacers I mean look like this but they had no crystals in we stuck them on ourselves.


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        Might be fimo beads

        Hello there,

        I think what you might be looking for are fimo beads (I couldn't open your attachment - sorry), but pop fimo into google and click the image button, you may find what you are looking for there. Alternatively consider buying your own fimo (which bakes hard in the oven - or some dry out in the air after a day) to make your own spacer beads, that way you can make them exactly the size you want them.