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  • Gold Filled or Gold Plated

    Can anyone tell me the difference between gold plated and gold filled findings. I presume that gold filled are better quality as the price is higher. I am putting together a collection of jewellery items together to sell at craft fairs. I do not want to sell anything that does not stand the test of time. Some of the findings I have seen on even reputable websites are so cheap that I cannot imagine they last very long at all. I expect some thing to last about 7 years at the least. Many thanks x

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    Gold plate has the thinnest of thin layers of gold plated over who knows what. Gold filled has more gold over who knows what (and watch out that american findings often feature a layer of nickel between the precious metal and the core metal so would breach the regulations in the EU and can't therefore be sold. I doubt whether either plating would stand any but the most occasional wear for seven years.


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      Gold filled is what used to be generally called rolled gold, and is far, far harder wearing than plated. The base is usually jewellers brass, and there's a minimum of 5% of total weight of gold bonded (heat and mechanical).

      The other option is vermeil, which is gold plated on sterling, but again, is a thin layer and less hard wearing.

      Of all of them, I'd go for gold filled every time.