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Hypothetical, wishful thinking question...!

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  • Hypothetical, wishful thinking question...!

    So...I've been sitting here thinking about how I sell my jewellery. So far, I've been selling individual pieces to individual customers. I can't complain because with the run up to Christmas now I am doing ok. But I got thinking. If I got a bulk order, say I managed to get through to a buyer for a store then it would be a great sale but how on earth would you service it???!! My jewellery is all handmade and I mostly do silversmithing. So do you fulfill your order by working through the night for nights on end / do you pay someone to help / is it possible to send your design somewhere (?) and get it made up / or is it the design you sell, not the piece? Does anyone have any experience of this? How would you achieve an order like this in the first instance but more importantly how would you fulfill such an order?
    I would love some pointers!

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    Well, it is quite a broad based question. If you are selling to shops they often want you to produce more than one of an article and therefore you must think about your outlay because often they will not pay you until the items are sold. Thus if you make 12 pieces for them as each one sells (as they hopefully will) you get paid. But this does mean that a lot of your money is in their pockets in the form of stock until it sells and it is whether or not you are able, or prepared to, do so.

    Employing others is expensive and there are lots of legalities involved, how solid are your designs etc., for instance can you prove that the design is yours if it turns up somewhere else on sale for cheaper, i.e. the person you employ makes some for themselves to sell on.

    If I were you I would start up a website and pop a card in with everything you sell, that way if people like their presents they can come back to you to buy for others and it instils confidence in your work.

    Good luck and I hope all goes well for you, I hope I have helped.