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just starting out - questions: making money/becoming established?

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  • just starting out - questions: making money/becoming established?

    I've just started jewellery making and my ideas originate mainly in making presents for people with eventually the hope of selling some items to friends and family. Mainly though I'm doing it because I love the idea of it and love what I could make. However, will I end up covering my costs? How likely is it that I'll make money from my designs? And really, how long does it take to get established/to get to this stage?

    A lot of questions I know but for someone just starting out in this I'd quite like to know what to expect/where I'm headed and whether I'll spend a lot of money and not be able to make any back!!


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    I can't really answer your question. I have made some money from my designs but what I have spent on materials etc has cost me far more than I am pulling back at the moment. I think you need to get established and wait a few years before you can start to make serious money. There is another WAH mum that I know of and she posts that she sells loads.

    Good luck with it all though and have patience.


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      It really depends, there is the potential to make money I guess, I started just for the love of the beads and then selling the odd piece.

      I think the main thing is to make individual pieces that can't be bought any where else

      Good Luck


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        I started a year ago, I had no experience in jewellery making, I was self taught, threw myself in at the deep end and had a Muddle 'launch' party 3 months after, I held it in my local pub lounge room which was free and invited about 30 people and I sold £350 worth of jewellery in 2 hours. I took orders from people after the original pieces had sold.
        The weeks after the party I had more orders from the people who came.

        My advice is watch how much you spend in the beginning, I spent way more than I needed to, thinking I needed everything in the jewellery making world, but you really don't.

        Jewellery parties are definitely the best way to start out I think.
        Sarah x

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          Oh yeah one more thing, another way of making quick money is put together a small box of jewellery, with a few items in, with a brochure and business cards.
          Make a note of what items you've put it!

          Then give it to a member of family or trustworthy friend to take to work with them, I've had a few sales that way, its easy money really.
          Sarah x

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            Hello Beadyeyes

            to the forum!

            The best piece of advice I can give, is to get your jewellery out there for people to see. I agree with what Muddle said, jewellery parties are the best way to sell your jewellery especially when your just starting out. People are more likely to buy when its there in front of them and they can touch it see it and try it on, rather than just looking at a picture on a website. It also gives you a chance to see what items are more popular and items that are not going to sell.

            Get some business cards printed you can get them done quite cheaply or print some yourself, and hand them out. Also give them to your friends and family to hand out to their friends and work colleagues.

            Try to keep your costs low by not buying too many beads etc. Its so easy to get carried away, but just buy what you need at the time. Trust me I learnt this lesson the hard way!

            Most important thing of all, is to enjoy what you are doing, and not to expect to make lots of money from it to start with, just an added bonus when someone gives you money for something you love doing.

            Hope this helps. Good luck with it all!

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              Thanks for all the advice! It's really helpful to know that other people were in my position a year ago and that they've managed to get established selling stuff.

              I made my first necklace today and I must say that I'm so impressed with the quality of it (big headed!!) because I really didn't know whether I was going to pull this off or not. My problem at the moment is that my supplies are limited and that I feel I can't make loads of different designs because of that but hopefully I'll get stocked up with the basics gradually and go on from there.
              I totally love it!

              I've already been thinking about jewellery parties and I work in a pretty big establishment where I reckon people would be interested. My mum and friends have already said that they would like to get involved. Obviously I'm going to take my time (I've got a full time teaching job so I'm pretty busy!) and make stuff gradually.
              Thanks for all the insight!


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                good luck hon

                i too am hoping to get established soon.
                so i am in the same boat as you, i think the brochures a good idea i am going to try that. i would say try to advertise your stuff as much as possible too. these websites like etsy,ebay and tuggle are good, maybr you could look into listing them.

                i am also in fulltime wrk so i totally understand your position!!

                fingers crossed this year will be our year!!!

                dee x
                Dee x
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                  Good luck guys, I think the best thing is not to think too big at first and every sale becomes a bonus.


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                    Visiting this forum regularly is a good place to start - I have found it invaluable for getting ideas and feedback. It's nice to feel you are not alone in the new business / craft world!!
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                      Making Money

                      You could try approaching gifts shops, I sell my own jewellery in my shop but also stock jewellery made by my customers on a sale or return basis. I keep a third of the sale price. Not everything sells but there are some things that sell well on a regular basis. Pink charm bracelets and turquoise necklaces for instance.
                      Chris W.
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                        a selling party is a great idea! thanks think ill try it..ive just started out on the jewelery side of things so need all the help i can get!


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                          I agree with the above. I've invested more than I am making. However, I'm beginning to get exposure in the press here in Ireland and am getting into a couple of shops.

                          It all takes hard work. As well as creating and making pieces I'm constantly adding to the website which means photographing each piece etc. Then I am on the phone to press etc trying to get a mention. Then on foot visiting shops. It's never ending but worth it. At least I can say that I have put the hard work in. Otherwise I could sit at home making lovely jewellery and wait for orders to come in!!! I'm afraid it doesn't work that way.

                          If you have passion for it you'll work hard at it and sell loads.

                          Good luck


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                            good luck with your jewellry making make sure you enjoy youself you dont want it to end up just being a job you have to do but something you enjoy doing where the time flies rather than drags or not enough hours in the day
                            Jan xx