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Hi there, Im new here!

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  • Hi there, Im new here!

    I was told of this site by a friend of mine and thought I would pop along to see!

    So I thought I would start by saying hello!

    MY name is Carly (as if you hadnt guessed!) and I am starting up my own Jewellery business Carlybeads! Sorry about stating the obvious!

    I have a shop on ebay : if you want to take a look, any feedback is very welcome! What you can see there is a tiny selection of what I hav available, I just havent got round to putting anymore on just yet, plans to do that are over the next few days!

    I am also in the process of having a website made, I have my first Jewellery party in just under 2 weeks and My first craft fair the following week after that!

    Anyway, thats me so I look forward to speaking to some of you soon!

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    Hi Carly

    Sounds like you have a lot on good luck for your party and craft fair, I am sure you will find lots of good advise on this forum.

    I have an ebook on party plan, its more geared to party planners for big companys ie virgin vie etc but you may find some of the things usful I did

    I will mail it to you if you wish

    Karisma Kandles


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      Hi Carly

      Welcome to the forum!

      You've got gorgeous pieces here! I hope you do well!! Hopefully the coming Christmas will help.

      I noticed jewellery at craft fairs is one stall that will sell if nothing else sells!!!! And jewellery parties are supposed to be very good, I know a couple of people who are doing very well. Make sure you have your tools in case you need to make things shorter, longer, change clasps, etc... Someone I know takes a ''salesperson'' (usually a friend!) with her, so that there's two people selling in case you get overwhelmed by question, etc.

      Good luck!
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        Thank you very much for your replies

        Taking a friend along with me is a very good idea, when I get more established that is something I certainly will look in to doing as, like you said, they could be very helpful!

        The tools thing is good too, not sure if I had thought about that!! lmao

        And thank you for your offer karisma, I will PM you my email address


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          Hey there Carly.... pleased you made it here... sounds like you will be very busy not too busy to chat I hope.

          check out - Justformumz – online community for Mums


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            hi carly

            Received your mail tried to send you the info but i got a post master error messgae not able to send will keep trying

            Karisma Kandles