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pendant query?!

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  • pendant query?!

    wasn't sure what to put in the title. hope it makes sense
    prob a blonde question but you know on pendants,
    whats the bit of metal called that holds the pendant to the chain? and can you get then coated?
    i have some pendants that have a small hole and i want to thread them on a cotton corded thong. (but i can't cos the hole is too small, so i need ?? whatever this is called )
    but i don't want to use any metal, can you get them coated at all?
    or can i use some sort of plastic wire? would that be strong enough? (and i wouldn't want it to show as plastic and it would be on a black thong...hmmm..
    any suggestions?

    gawd, i hope im making sense lol

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    Do you mean a bail? Sorry, I'm not a jewellery maker but that rings a bell.
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      oh yes, that sounds familiar. thanks


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        Hello - I don't know if you would get anything small enough to go through in plastic. How about trying embroidery thread in a contrasting colour - you could plait it to make it extra strong and then fasten it at the back with a knot and a blob of glue to seal it.


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          If you're still looking for something to hang your pendants from, I have a good selection of Bails on the site, available in silver plated, gold plated and sterling silver

          'Pinch Bails' have small prongs which grip into the pendant hole, so you can then hang them from cord, wire or chain etc

          If you fancy a look, you'll find them on the site listed under 'plated findings'


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