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Jewellery in the snow :)

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  • Jewellery in the snow :)

    I have a batch of jewellery pieces finally finished, so decided to use the snow we had here in the Midlands to give it a nice background - sadly, not sure my photography skills are up to much, but at least they didn't come out too fuzzy!
    Copper necklace with hadnmade resin snowflake "stone";

    Phone/bag charm;

    Resin heart pendant;

    Resin earrings;

    Bracelet made from many materials;

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    What a good idea. They certainly make good photos. Love the earrings. shame I have no holes left. My own fault.
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      Nice pieces!

      You might want to see if your camera has a white balance setting - then you could use that to correct the background, bringing the snow back to white.

      I like the feel of the photos - its like the pieces have just dropped off in the snow, those precious few moments before they get covered up with fresh snow.
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        Thanks for the tip, Ejralph, I'll check. It was getting on a bit though, so the light was fading as I took these.

        Critchley, I too have no small holes left, the right closed up years ago and the left is now 12mm big!


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          That's a nice idea! Shame it wasn't brilliantly sunny so you could get some sparkles. Try and if you turn up the brightness and contrast you can get the brilliance out a bit more
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            Smart idea! Snow can make a good background ...
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              I also managed to take some photos of a couple of them without the snow;




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                This is a gorgeous earring collection.


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                  Originally posted by Critchley View Post
                  . shame I have no holes left. My own fault.
                  I have a nice sharp needle and we could use the snow to numb your ear lobe!
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                    Ah, don't - I remember my older sister punching her lobes with a needle held in a candle flame, as our mother wouldn't allow us to get extra holes pierced (we already had the regular earring holes from a somewhat young age) - by golly, I'd never seen so much blood before!