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Opening/Closing Jump Rings

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  • Opening/Closing Jump Rings

    Did anyone else struggle with opening & closing of small jump rings when you first started making jewellery - I must've got through a whole bag trying to 'get the knack' without ruining them. I know its just a case of a twist of the wrist grasping with pliers either side but mine all end up crooked & stretched.

    Is there a special way or is it a case of practice practice practice ?

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    You can make your own version of this
    just get a piece of wood 1" x 1" x 2 or 3" ( or a small section of broom handle) and put a screw in it like the photo. The trick is to hold one side of the jump ring firmly with pliers put the other side in the slot and turn the wood either towards you or back. Then do the opposite to close it. You can put a small screw one end and a bigger one the other end to cater for different width rings.
    Hope this helps.



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      I would look at some youtube vids to get a visual idea of the 'knack' xx
      Sarah x

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        The mistake we all make when we start is pulling them to the side to open them - the trick is only your dominant hand does any work - you push it away from you to open and pull it back to close-
        Chris xx
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          Hi, think of them as a door, opening forwards and backwards, if you open them by pulling apart from the sides they will distort. Hope that helps!

          Viv x