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Restringing Pearls ... How to and with what?

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  • Restringing Pearls ... How to and with what?

    My wife has an ancient set of real pearls inherited from a relative. It used to be a string of pearls ... We would like it to be a string again before my daughters wedding ...... Is it a simple job to restring in each case how can I do this and what do I need to make a good job of it, or is this something I should leave to someone with experience and if so any suggested people near Northern Hampshire.

    Many Thanks

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    This can be done yourself -There are many techniques. It isn't so much a matter of getting the basics which is pretty straightforward, but proper placing of the knots tight against the pearls takes a lot of practice and repetition (usually)
    There is a 10 minute how to video on my website and all the materials are available there too..or you can go to a local jeweller who will send it to someone or you can send it to someone direct.


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      There's no reason not to have a go at this yourself - and there are some excellent youtube videos on how to do it.


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        You could buy one of these to make the knots.

        Poisoned Apple Theatre - Handmade Crafts on Facebook


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          Indeed you can use one of those knotting thingys to make the necklace but it costs only £7.85 less than we charge for doing a full refurbish on a strand.(including secure courier return!)
          I looked at the video you recommend,Mizgeorge. It uses bead tips rather than french wire. Not quite so tidy and professional a finish. Even though it also uses the same silk it seems to be a tremendously complicated way to do things.


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            Being a bit of a knotter I'm giving it a go with some grade 4 silk .... I got half way through and didn't know my own strength as I managed to break the silk.... Starting again but I think it's going to be worth it .... Hopefully in time for Valentines day for my good lady. Thanks for your help. I'm using a needle in the knot to move it up to the pearl as I pull it tight and then removing the needle tha seems t work quite well.


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              Good for you for having a go. I have done a couple and it's not to bad once you get into the rhythm of it. I did the same as you with a needle to move the knot.