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Anyone else make resin jewellery?

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  • Anyone else make resin jewellery?

    Hi, I'm Lorra.

    I make resin jewellery using polyester resin and have been doing so for approximately a year now.
    I'm self taught although I have gained tips from my crafty friends on Facebook.

    Just wondering if anyone else on here makes resin jewellery?

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    Hi Lorra,

    I have resin on my list of thing to try this year as I would really like to be able to create some interesting stuff
    So many beads so little time!!


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      Hi Lorra!

      I like to make miniatures out of polymer clay among other things and I have a huge shipment of glass bottles and vials I'm tinkering with at the mo, so I've decided to try my hand at embedding things in the glass bottles. I have been looking into resins to use and their setting times and viscosity.

      I have to say I didn't realize how many different types there are and how complicated it would be for me to choose which would be the right one for me.

      After a little research I'm thinking of going for a "water clear casting kit" from ebay as they seem to have pretty decent prices and quantities too, as I don't need huge amounts of the stuff. It should be just enough to practice a few times with but not a waste of money if I decide it's not for me.

      Do you have any advice for a resin Noob?

      I have never used any kind of resin before and I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet. I did get one of the very, very cheap epoxy resin glue sets from the poundshop, just to have a go, But it went pretty badly as you probably could have guessed.

      It set much too quickly, it was very very thick and hard to pour/syringe and worst of all ended up being a snot green in colour and not very clear at all. Well You get what you pay for I suppose!

      Any way, any tips or advice from someone way more experienced than me would be great!!

      Thanks Jo x
      PS this is the link to what I might get from ebay:
      The Tattoo Studio and Mum's florist and Me!


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        I'm a jack of all type of craft person, and resin is my latest obsession. I've been using Easycast because it's virtually odourless (unless you decide to blow out the air bubbles with a straw, then for some reason you get a faceful of fumes). I love experimenting with the different effects I can achieve with multiple layers and embedding different things. My favourite effect so far I think has to be the marbled nail polish.

        The only problem I've stumbled across is mounting the resin onto bails. I have some really nice ones, but the glue I got just doesn't work. Maybe time for me to invest in some E6000!

        Resin can be very addictive!


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          I have made some resin pendants over the weekend. Four were resin over Pebeo paint and the other four I just poured the resin then sprinkled glitter over the top. The glitter settled across the top of the resin and it looks effective. I had a busy crafting weekend - also taught myself millefiori in polymer clay (made a bangle) and miniature cupcake earrings. Fun.


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            Hi I'm Vicky and I'm new to this site but I also work with Polyester resin, though I have expanded from just jewellery now, i make decorations and ornaments too.

            I got into it whilst I was a beaded jewellery maker and found a group on FB, I have since been hooked on resin work
            Simply Alternative


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              It's on my to do list. I bought some 2 years ago - and even managed to open the box the other day. I need moulds next .... but once I've got those I'll then identify a space that can remain undisturbed and get going with it.

              Moulds isn't all I need, but that's certainly the next hoop .... after that I need to think about mounting (so glue) and possibly pouring into frames rather than moulds.