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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum but I'm really pleased to have found it! I should go and introduce myself properly and I will do that, but I wondered if anyone could help me with this query first. I'm interested in applying to sell my work on notonthehighstreet, and my question is, if anyone has done this before have you provided lots of photographs of your whole range, or just a selection, or something else? I don't know what is too much or not enough... I shouldn't think they'd want to be bombarded with pictures but then they'll need to have a good idea of my work.
    I realise it's very unlikely I'll be accepted but I can dream! I've got an 18 month old and a 4 month old so it's nice to have things to think about that aren't baby related!

    Thanks very much in advance for your help

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    NOTH's are notoriously hard to get into a lot of us have been turned down and unfortunately they give no explanation as to why. IU emailed them 3 times for details to enable me to correct what they thought was wrong with my lines. Also very expensive think about the £500 mark or maybe more to join. Have you tied some of the more reasonable ones such as Etsy, Folksy, Dawanda okay you can get swallowed in the volume and need to work on the site to keep your lines at the top. Another one I use is Wow Thank You a far more reasonable joining fee, 20% commission.

    Any of these shopping sites you join it can be months before you have your first sale and at this time of year money is short, you can also get free websites with the likes of weebly and create although you have to pay thing will work out a lot cheaper than NOTH's


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      Hi there,

      I sell on noths and when I applied I gave them my website address which obviously had photos of my cards on it. I would think that emailing them a selection of photos would be fine. What do you make? Make sure that your photos are good quality - you might want to take them in lifestyle settings, and make sure that the lighting is good. Can your items be personalised? It might be an advantage to you if they can, but it's definitely not essential. Try to make as good as an impression as you can by what you write too.

      I've also got two little ones in the house, so I know how you feel about having something else to think about other than them the whole time!

      Feel free to message me privately if you want to ask any more questions.

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        If you don't have a website or blog they can refer to, then I would send them a good selection of photos. You can send them in compressed format in an email (use MS Office picture manager to compress them if you don't use another image editor). Alternatively, you can send full size images via - you are sent an email when someone downloads your images.

        If you have a blog, or are considering starting one (it's a great way to promote your work as it's easy to show up in Google searches with a blog) then you could put together a portfolio of images on there, using a page instead of a post.

        NOTHS look for a cohesive collection, things that are on-trend and likely to sell well. If you think this applies to you, then go ahead. Good luck!
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          Thanks very much for your help everyone, and your good wishes, it's really appreciated. It's great to hear of the other websites too, I hadn't heard of some of those. I hope all your ventures are going well.

          Thanks again!


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            By the way Emma, how do I send you a private message? I'm viewing this site on my mobile and I can't see how to do it. Thanks


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              The main focus on Noths these days is personalised items. I've been with them almost from the start and the business has grown out of all recognition now. Some people do really well and some disappear into oblivion. Those that do well have good images of products that appeal to the masses and are mostly personalised. Really "arty" things don't seem to do so well and you have to be prepared to churn out hundreds of the same things. Things tick over nicely all year but then at Christmas it all goes crazy. This year was my craziest yet and I worked ridiculous hours but the rewards can be good. I can't really advise you about applying to them as they asked me to join but I'd say if it's personalised and your images are professional, then you stand a good chance.
              Carole x


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                Yes NOTHS can be a very good site for some designers and terrible for others.

                That’s why we have created JewelStreet, a new site entirely dedicated to displaying quality jewellery from professional jewellery designers/makers. Unlike other sites we don’t have any monthly fees or joining fees (we only operate on commission 20%), we just allow you to sell direct and retain much more than you would through wholesale. Since there are no fees there is no risk when you set up a shop with us.
                We help you to set up your shop and can help with product videos but you retain complete control over your products, prices, pictures etc… We don't limit the amount of products you can display or even ask for exclusivity on products.
                Again our service may not be for everyone but if you design and make your own jewellery and pass our accreditation then it is a great place featuring some of the best designer/makers for the UK and around the world.

                Take a look at our site, there are links to selling with us at the bottom of our homepage and see what you think.

                Just Google Jewelstreet as i cant post links on this forum at the moment
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