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Tibetan Silver E-Bay review

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  • Tibetan Silver E-Bay review

    Worth a read, especially all you jewellery makers who buy on ebay because you think you are getting a super dooper bargain. Cheapest is not best, value for money is, but you need to know what you are buying in the first place.

    You can buy lampwork glass that's not annealled, 'sterling silver' that blisters sensitive skin, and 'eco-friendly' are just words and can mean absolutely nothing.

    I'm not decrying E-bay and this article is by them, it's always down to buyer beware. It just reinforces the fact that cheapest is not always best even in these cash strapped times.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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    WOW this is an eye opener, I never even questioned it before but now.....
    It's such a shame as there are so many really pretty pieces but if the contain that stuff, just can't risk it.


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      I think that this is a very timely piece with so many new members joining the forum with questions about what to buy, how much to charge etc. Buying from established UK sellers seems to be at a higher price but not when the reality of sub-standard/not as advertised goods are purchased from overseas.
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        It's not just so called jewerly bits and bobs you have to worry about.

        I bought a pair of embroidery scissor's off ebay within a week of using them they began to stink. Metals all have a different smell to them. Mine did not sell of steel I had to dispose of them.
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