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  • What is your production time?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what everyone put as their production time (how long it takes you to make your jewellery). When I launched the website I had 2 - 4 days production time which was fine then. Now I've only been open for 6 weeks but the response to MD has been ridiculously great (thanks to a review on YouTube). I've gone from 70 'likes' on FB to now almost 600 likes in just over a week (which is translating in sales)! I've had 34 orders in the last two weeks and each order consists of several items.

    I didn't anticipate for it to go so well but the production time of 2 - 4 days can no longer be met. I've since changed my production time to 3 - 7 days I think, but even that cause me to sometime be up for 20+ hours a day.

    What do you have as your production time? Is it fair to assume that due to it being handmade/painted and the need to allow the paint and varnish to dry can justify 7 days production time?
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    Hi i would say from what you have described that 7 days sounds realistic, maybe you could put what is involved in the process on your website so that people recognise the time and work that goes into it. Personally i would look at the lead time and if it didn't suit my needs then i would look elsewhere, im sure your customers will understand as long as they are well informed. hth


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      I always give a lead time of delivery within 3 weeks, more often and not less than 1 but always better to air on the side of caution


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        Nice problems to have, but still problems never the less.
        Lots of orders force changes to thinking and working.
        Sometimes the fun goes right out of it.

        I usually find that people are ok if their expectations are met and don't mind waiting for the paint to dry etc. if lead times are reallistic.

        Wish you well.

        James x


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          I say upto 7 days for my smaller products and 10days on coats. My leatherwork is upto 14days. So no you are well within your right to add extra time. People know to pay for quality they have to wait and they will .Most people who buy handmade products I find are quite organised and order in plenty of time. You don't want to rush your products and lose the quality x
          Dee x
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