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Wire jewellery finishing touches

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  • Wire jewellery finishing touches

    I have been playing around with wire jewellery for a couple of months now. One thing that I struggle with is finishing off the wire so the ends aren't scratchy and won't damage skin/clothing.
    What technique/tool do you use? Or is there particular advice you guys could give?
    I've tried using files but they just take the plate off silver plated wire. As I am new I don't bother getting more expensive silver wire but surely there is a way to beautifully finish off wire pieces without going for the most expensive materials!

    HELP!!! Any advice hugely appreciated! :-) x - My little blog!

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    I had this problem myself recently.

    I bought a thing called a 'Round Your Wire' tool by Beadsmith.

    I got mine on eBay

    Hope this helps
    Autumn Thyme


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      Just to add, they are also known as cup bur tools

      What you do is you put the end of your wire into the end of the tool and twist it round a few times and it rounds and smooths it
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      Autumn Thyme


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        Unless you buy a pure metal wire, such as copper or steel or brass or silver, you will always see the copper infill. If you want a seamless finish with a plated wire then you will need to buy silver infill wire.

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          If I can I try and tuck the ends in at the back of the work or with a wrapped loop I make sure that it is very close to the bead - the un-notched hole in a pair of crimp pliers comes in handy to squeeze it tight. Normal cutters will leave one end flat and the other in a > shape. I always make sue that both ends are flat I use a file sometimes but only file the edges less than 1mm at the edges so they are between ] and ).



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            That's great guys! Thank you! I will give all your advice a go and see what works best for me. :-) x
   - My little blog!


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              I used to copper and steel for it and that look beautiful jewelry.