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    I really love wire jewellery however lately I have been trying out some different new techniques.. At the moment I am obsessed with resin! I am also really enjoying Steampunk style pieces. Of course I am not a professional and it's not quite the type of stuff people would call "proper" Steampunk but at least it looks nice.. I am also considering making some moulds which I can use for different pendants. Here are a couple of examples.. Any comments, etc would be appreciated.
    2012-12-31184723_zps3aa1416b-2_zpsb27eab07.jpg2012-12-31185734_zps4327e1e2-2_zpsdfc7c329.jpg - My little blog!

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    I've always fancied trying resin but have never known where to start.... any suggestions? I also love the second one, it will appeal to more than just the steampunk fans.


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      I think they both look good but do prefer the one on the watch-case. I must confess I have some resin sitting in my cupboard that I haven't gotten around to playing with yet, I really must do something with it.
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        Well I got some two part clear resin. The one that I got from eBay is called Alumilite (I think) and also some cabochon moulds. though I would love to make some of my own for different pieces of jewellery. I also got some Steampunk related "fancy" paper to use for backgrounds. But otherwise just play aroung with whatever loose bits you have.

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          I was a beaded jewellery maker and now i'm solely resin. I use a polyester resin which does smell but I can buy 5kg for cheap unlike epoxy, and I pour a lot of resin at a time.

          @blackwiddow depending on how long your resin has been sat there it may have gone off, they only have a shelf life or around 6 months, I left my easy cast for months and now it's yellowed so I can no longer do clear pieces
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