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New to jewellery but addicted already!

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  • New to jewellery but addicted already!

    Hi guys!

    I'm not exactly new to this forum - I was under a different name for my soap making ventures for a while - but I've had to put that on the back burner for a while. Instead, a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of jewellery making and, needless to say, I'm completely hooked! I find it so relaxing and inspiring, I love it!

    I always end up at this forum for anything and everything craft related, so I decided it's definitely time to get in on the action.

    So for a starter I'm going to ask you all for some help!

    I'm looking for good, reliable, value for money sites based in the UK to buy things like beads, charms, pendants, findings, chain etc from. I have a whole bunch of things coming from China in the new year but it was all EXTREMELY cheap (we're talking 11p with free P&P for 1000 czech glass seed beads!) so I'm wanting to see if I can get some good quality UK supplies as well.

    What I've found with the UK sites though is that the mark-up is huuuuge :/

    So can anyone recommend any good sites in the UK?

    Thank you!

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    what sort of findings? precious metal or plated?


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      Silver plated


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        ebay is realllllly good for things like that, most people that advertise beads and charms have their own shops if you scroll further down after the item picture!


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          eBay or etsy are good ! When I buy in bulk I use Dora beads but you have to spendĀ£50 or more with them x


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            I wondered what you were registered under in your previouse life.
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              lol Carol!

              It is always worthwhile people remembering that sometimes things are cheap for a reason.

              If you are selling your jewellery, be especially careful because many of the components can fall foul of the EU rulings on nickel and also contain other nasties like lead.

              This is an interesting article on ebay about this type of issue - it is specific to the "tibetan silver" components, but the concept is the same across the board when it comes to metal findings etc. Sometimes you don't always get what you think you are getting!

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                That eBay guide is really informative - and dismaying. Clearly anything marketed as 'tibetan silver' breaches the Trades Descriptions act as it is neither Tibetan nor even 1% silver in most cases (and any silver in any item probably got in there accidentally)


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                  I don't know how much you have ordered from China but have you taken into account Import VAT ? I would also suggest that if you are importing from China you are unlikey to be receiving Czech glass seed beads which would explain the price.
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                    I mainly use eBay.. It seems to have quote a lot of choice but is also pretty cheap.
                    Etsy is great for variety of different bits and bobs though is a little bit more expensive. I am also in search of a good website to buy things from in the UK. They mostly seem to be American websites though.. I have come across the CJ Beaders website which seems to have some good deals.
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                      Hi Pandrawr,
                      I have a new eBay shop with beads and other jewellery making supplies. ​[MOD EDIT - please read the forum rules]
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