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Where is best to get jewellery boxes personalised with your logo?

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  • Where is best to get jewellery boxes personalised with your logo?

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post and I am in the process of setting up my business and need to buy some jewellery boxes.

    I found a company potters uk and they sent me a sample and they are cheap but it took them over a week to send the samples and I have emailed twice questions in the past two weeks and they haven't responded ..... so not really impressed!!

    I have found some companies who will provide jewellery boxes but I want to get my logo put on and preferably embossed into the box rather than me having to get stickers and put them on as I dont think this looks very professional.

    Obviously I also need someone with a relatively small order number. I would need various sizes probably about 100 of each and maybe 5 different sizes.

    If anyone could help I would really appreciate it !!

    Thank you in advance

    Love Louise x

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    Hi Louise,

    I have just joined so I can not send you any links to sites but have you tried the bag'n'box man

    and there is also nobel pack

    I am not sure what size or quality that you are looking for but if you do a search for personalised jewellery boxes there are many sites out there. It all depends on the quality, quantity that you require.

    I an sorry that I have not been able to be of any more help

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      There are plenty of packaging sites out there and they will all do printing, but there are set up fees and min orders.


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        How about getting a custom stamp made of your logo and stamping it onto the box yourself. l have seen sellers on Etsy getting labels of their logo printed and then placing them on the boxes. There are ways of getting around this. You could buy tags and also try stamping your logo on those and attaching them to the boxes if there is a ribbon on them.
        If you go onto pinterest you will see a wide range of packing ideas from luggage labels to origami boxes and all sorts of ideas to give you inspiration.
        Good luck!!
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          I've recently used WestPack and was very pleased

          They had a special offer for free tooling for the blockfoiling at the time - not sure if they still do though
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            Finding jewellery boxes should be relatively simple. The tricky part will be the embossing. Unless you buy large quantities, then it will probably be prohibitively expensive.

            Perhaps having a stamp or stickers is the way to go? Vistaprint often have good deals on. I've managed to get several free stamps from them (though that offer no longer seems to be available.)
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