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    Hi guys and gals. I've been selling jewellery since July and in august I opened an online shop. I've made sales at fairs but haven't made any sales via the shop. Any advice on how to get the shop more active?

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    What is your shop and what have you done so far to promote it?


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      Yes, the big questions - are you making something in a flooded market, or are you in a little niche? Where is your shop? Your own website or one of the hubs like Etsy or Folksy? Do you tell people about your shop and your jewellery? Do you blog about it? Tweet about it? Blog or tweet or pop onto Facebook interacting with people in a way that isn't about selling?

      Do you use any of the many media that are out there to help you get seen? It's hard work basically - well, as hard as any work can be sat in front of a screen night after night with a cuppa or a glass of something and just plugging away.

      Tell us where you are and what you do and let's see if we can't come up with some suggestions.
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        I agree with previous poster, it is a lot of hard work and you need to be constantly promoting, networking and blogging about what you are doing. I think a lot of people think it will be easy to set up and Etsy shop or like and get lots of sales but it is really hard! Give us a bit more info and I;m sure we could all come up with some good ideas to help you out!
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          There are hundreds of handmade jewellery online shops.. You need to advertise to get noticed. You can start from Facebook and Twitter. Good idea is also having own blog and upload the pictures of your jewellery and links to your website there.
          Another way, may be putting up posters in your city/town but it would cost more.
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