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Jump rings for chainmaille

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  • Jump rings for chainmaille

    Can anyone advise which size jump ring is the best for chainmaille bracelets? I'm confused by the 0.6 and 0.8 - I'm assuming this refers to the dimension of the wire used? And which is the best way to make your own jump rings?


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    Every maille weave has an aspect ration (AR) which is the relationship between the gauge of the wire and the inner diameter (ID) of the ring. In simple terms, a ring made from 1mm wire with an of 3.5mm has an AR of 3.5 (1 x 3.5) and would, for example, be ideal for byzantine weave.

    As long as you know the required AR for any weave, you can create the right sized rings by simply multiplying that number by the wire gauge in mm to establish the required ID.

    The simplest way to make jump rings is to coil them onto an appropriately sized mandrel - which could be anything from a knitting needle to a nail and then cut them with a jewellers saw. Using cutters does not work as it will leave one straight and one bevelled edge, which will never join up seamlessly when woven.

    If you want a starter size, then the one mentioned above - 1.0mm wire with a 3.5mm id is a great starting point and will let you try out a lot of different weaves.

    It's always better to work with pure (ie unplated / uncoated) metals as these will not chip or flake at the joins. Copper is one of the best learning materials as it behaves very like sterling silver.


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      Thank you george, apart from the mathematical element I think I got what you were saying. I have some copper wire so I will have a practice with that.