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Has anyone ever cut their own acrylic?

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  • Has anyone ever cut their own acrylic?

    I'm wanting to design my own acrylic jewellery. Basically make centre pieces to add chains to for necklaces, I can't link yet but if you google image search 'acrylic necklace' you'll see the sort of things I mean.

    I have found that there are companies that do this for you with laser cutting if you provide them with a design. This involves using software I'm unfamiliar with but I will try and learn if it's worth the effort.

    Has anyone ever tried doing this? Any advice before I delve any further?
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    I'm not going to be much help as I haven't ever had acrylic charms cut before!

    I have thought about it, but the ones I've bought pre-made and turned into jewellery haven't done very well for me. They don't really go with what I am trying to create with my site, but they would suit your jewellery perfectly.

    I do know some designers cut their acrylic charms by hand. It is a fiddly and rather messy process from what I've seen of it, but if you have the patience and a steady hand you can create some great charms. Acrylic sheet can be bought from a few of the companies that offer the laser cutting service.

    Not sure if this is going to be any help to you.
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      I have just PM you
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        Never tried this before but would love to, would be keen to hear how you get on! x
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          Yeah. I've done lots of it. My acrylic sheet was 1/8th to 1/4" thick. I used my jewellery saw and files. You had to polish it with not the metal compounds but one specially made for plastic. It's a pale beigey colour and I can't remember the name. The only thing I found was it was dead easy to get rounded edges but (naughty words) to get a sharp edge.
          Just remembered: the polishing compound is the same stuff you use on horn - if that helps.