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    Hi I'm very new to jewellery making and wondered if you can use an ordinary soldering iron to secure jump rings. I saw a clip on youtube showing someone doing this with a 3% silver solder, it is a british clip so not something they have in the U.S. which we don't but I can't find it listed anywhere. I don't want to get into silversmithing (well not yet anyway) I just want to secure jump rings etc and this looked pretty uncomplicated. Any advise would be much appreciated. Because of ill health I'm not in a postition to attend a course at the moment.

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    What sort of jump rings? if you are using silver jump rings and a silver product you actually will not be legally allowed to sell them as a 3% solder will take them under the % allowed to be sold under the Hallmarking Acts which very strictly regulate the sale of precious metals in the UK.
    A 3% silver solder is in fact 97% who knows what (including nickel..also banned from sale thoughout the EU) If this is for you and you alone you can do anything you want of course.


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      Thanks for that reply. At the moment I'm only useing silver coloured jump rings and not silver. I really only want to secure the jump rings so they don't come apart and the youtube clip I saw said that she used 3% silver because it was a nice bright finish. What would you advise me to use, that is which solder, I don't want to brake any rules just teach myself to make jewellery.
      If I ever get good enough to move on to precious metals I will of course read up on all legislation.


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        I have no idea about non-silver. Sorry


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          The best advice I can give you is learn how to open and close jump rings properly so that they close well- or look at buying closed jump rings
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            A properly closed jump ring in the right size doesn't ever need soldering. Getting the relationship between the wire gauge (thickness) and size of the ring is important though, as is the quality of the jump ring, which should have good, saw cut rather than clipped ends.

            I've seen people use soft solder and an iron to add a blob to a jump ring (rather like trying to use glue), and the results were unattractive and not very long lasting, I'm afraid.


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              you need to use proper jewellery solder though as the stuff you get in DIY stores contains metals that you shouldn't have next to the skin.
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                Thanks for all the advise. I have only been using cheap jump rings etc because I'm only practicing and don't have too much of a budget for playing with. I think the answer is practice with the cheap stuff and then invest in some good quality and see how I get on. I'm sure I'll have more question in the near future, hope that's ok.
                Once again many thanks for your help. x