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  • First pieces made!

    Well after my begginers class last week i sat down last night to have my first go solo!
    Made a lovely pair of earrings and half a necklace (need some chain to finish it) and i plan on trying to do a bracelet tonight!
    However i had a slight problem! I ordered a stater kit through an ebay store as cost was an issue, i knew the quality may notbe great but as im just starting out it would get my started and i have xmas coming as an upgrade opportunity!

    What i wasnt expecting was the headpins beeing so tough to bend! They seem thicker and shorter than the ones in my class, is this just a quality issue or do they come in different guages? Im going to try and pop out to get some better ones today but wanted to know so i can avoid any more ebay blunders as im still learning!
    Thank you!

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    Firstly welcome from another Emma to the world of jewellery-making. It is huge fun and highly addictive.

    I think one thing we all learn is that materials can vary greatly and one of the skills for a jewellery maker is in the sourcing of their materials. You will get to learn which suppliers to use, which to avoid. Sometimes cheap can be good, and sometimes for other things maybe not so good. Its all experience though.

    Don't worry about your headpins, if they are no use now - just put them aside because you are bound to have some project sooner or later where you will welcome some thick and study ones.

    Shop around - sometimes you will get some great deals away from ebay, from the more spe******t companies who can also offer technical advice. Find out if there are any bead fairs close to you, they can be a great way to find new suppliers and see the quality of their work. If you buy mail order, remember also you can always return things that are not suitable - that is your right.
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      Thanks Emma. I've bought some more headpins and they were much easier to work with. Think I'll stick with them till I've practiced my wire bending a bit more!
      I'm really enjoying jewellery making and I've only just started! Just need more beads and findings!


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        I was going to say shop around.
        Then write down or bookmark where you got them from. nothing more frustrating than wanting to reorder and forgetting where you got them from.......
        Oh maybe there is: the supplier changing where they got them from and having to start the search all over again.


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          Welcome to our world!

          Yes they can change from supplier to supplier in terms of size, quality etc.

          As you're new to it I'd recommend going down to Hobbycraft if you have one near you and have a look around and a feel of the products
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            Thanks everyone! I did go to hobbycraft and felt a bit naughty bending headpins through the packs till I found some that seemed right! But they worked much better for me than the others!