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    I have just started making my own jewellery as I am on Maternity leave and needed a new hobby to stop me going absolutely crazy.

    I have made a few bracelets and necklaces, usually I just make what I would like and I have made a few things for friends that have requested themes and so on.

    I'd like to sell a few things so have set up a facebook and ebay page.

    However, as I am all new to this and am kind of making it all up as I go along I would really appreciate any tips or advice for making lovely unique jewellery.

    My designs are obviously quite amateur as I've made about eight things in my life, so please be kind

    WOPWonderlandBlueNecklace.jpg WOPAiWinspiredNecklace1.jpg WOPSupernaturalBracelet.jpg WOPKeyGreenNecklace.jpg WOPCinderellaBracelet.jpg

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    First thing is that if you intend to sell you need to register with HMRC. They check websites and Facebook pages for people who are selling without registering.
    I like your jewellery...well done. It's a very competitive market, so good luck with your new venture xx
    Sarah x

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      i liked them! specially the central black band of your bracelets! is that leather? it is really lovely with the charms good luck with your works


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        I love all the charms you use. Really cute.


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          I have just seen your pics and I love your designs.

          Wishing you every success in your new venture. It is very competitive, but so worth it when you sell something you have created - I get a real buzz LOL
          Tillies Treasure


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            Where do you get your leather bracelets and all of those lovely charms from? They're brilliant!


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              well I think your pieces are great and you already seem to be developing your own look!

              There are various considerations for selling your work, with a few legal aspects to take care of. I've written a couple of articles on my website about pricing jewellery and selling jewellery. They have some useful links in too for the legal side of things. Just scroll down to the bottom of my tutorials page

              Good luck with it -
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                if you are on maternity leave, then you need to check that any maternity benefits are not effected by you working to sell.
                full time mum and very very part time crafter.