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Basic sterling silver kit, is there such a thing?

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  • Basic sterling silver kit, is there such a thing?

    Im feeling now that Id like to expand my knowledge, currently I buy in all my silver items and now feel I want to great more creative with sterling silver.

    Is there such a thing as a basic kit/items I should have for making sterling items such as bracelets, attaching bezels to them etc

    Hope that makes sense and not too much of a newb question.

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    Do you mean you want to learn how to solder? Or learn simple wire work?
    It would help if you were more specific about what process..maybe one at a time?


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      yes it is a bit of a rubbish post isnt it lol

      I suppose really I want to play around with different aspects so soldering deffinitely, cutting shapes as well and engraving.


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        What I have recently found of is silver art clay , it's like working with a clay making statues! it's very easy to work with, I just did some you tube research but it looks fun! have a look it might be a big help!


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          Where abouts are you? I have a feeling a day's tuition might be more useful at this stage than randomly buying stuff!


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            Sounds like you want to get into aspects of classic silversmithing. Your best bet might be to check local adult education provision for a course. Tools and instruction will be professionally provided and you will meet like minded people, all for a minimum outlay. You'll be able to see if it is for you - one guide would be if you attend each session for a year! and you can assess and build up tools and techniques as you go along.


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              Thanks all, Ive got myself a solder set already and joined my first jump ring tonight, very pleased, also got a stamping kit, really enjoying it so far, think thats about my limit for now for new things and will concentrate on these aspects before going further.