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  • Where do I begin?

    Hi there ladies, I am a total newbie to jewellery making but I bought a beading mag today and I am totally hooked. I NEED to create something beautiful. Please can someone tell me what I need to begin - tools, types of beads, findings etc. I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

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    I guess it depends what you want to make and with what materials.

    Maybe get some bigger beads, and string a few necklaces and bracelets, you can apply the same simple stringing process to head and eye pins to make dangly earrings.

    Check out some of the websites in the adverts in the mag and see if they do kits, these come with all materials needed and full instructions, all you will need then is time, patience, pliers and scissors.

    A simple pair of pliers with a wire cutter on will do for now, but if you are going into wire work etc, then you will need to spend money on better ones, and different ones for different jobs.

    I'm sure someone will be along soon with better help for you


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      Thanks Delta, sorry I should've clarified the type of jewellery I'm interested in making. I really like the beaded charm bracelets that are around at the moment. I also like chandalier type earrings and anything which might be gothic inspired such as jet necklaces that kind of thing. Does that help?


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        Ok, well I made one of those beaded charms bracelets the other week, so you will need the bracelet, lots and lots of beads, a few charms (if you are wanting to use them too) lots of headpins (same colour as the bracelet) a pair of pliers and some patience.

        All I did was put beads on the pins and then make a loop at the top. I also put jump rings on the charms, then when I had enough I just used the rings on the charms, and the loops on the pins to attach the made up bits to the links on the bracelet.

        It was filled to busting, and I shall see if I can find the pic I took of it. Have shown the pic on another forum and it got the thumbs up from a lot of people.

        Just fill it, fill it and fill it somemore to make it really lush.

        Hope this has been of some help?


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          Hi Delta, yes that was reallly helpful thank you. Your bracelet sounds wonderful I would love to see it if you can find a pic


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            Hi Delta

            Here in Bulgaria we say one does not learn a craft but steals it, in my humble oppinion find yourself a good production company and work them for few years. Keep your eyes open all the time .

            Best regrds from sunny Bulgaria
            Magic in your life:
            Fine jewellery :


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              Yeah, I would go with the kits to begin with, if you are really serious about it, I would invest in some good pliers early on, my pieces improved dramatically as soon as I purchased my expensive round nose pliers, I get a new tool every few months and then there is another improvement. The trick really is in the tools!

              ......and of course a little bit of imagination goes a long way..... I very rarely make pieces "off plan" as I look at pictures and techniques in a magazine and adapt them to reflect my personality/creativity (and there is the small matter of my very short attention span!)