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Where to start with jewellery?

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  • Where to start with jewellery?

    I would like to have a go at jewellery making but im not really sure where to start!
    Are the kits you can buy any good or would i be better of buying a few cheap bits and some sort of book to help me with the techniques and diving straight
    Any thoughts?

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    I make paper beads and going to be doing a tutorial soon if you'd like to try something like that ??
    There is a video on you tube i think and i'm currently doing my own step by step tutorial.

    Other than that i know people are using polymer clay to make beads but i haven't tried it myself.



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      I personally would book a beginners course at your local Further Education centre and see what goes on. With this sort of craft, there are so many bits and pieces and technical terms, you might find it easier for you to be shown and demonstrated to before you then have a go yourself. You'll be guided, given handouts (hopefully!) and you can get your hands on all the goodies at a fraction of the price.

      The teacher should give you advice on a good book or two, further courses for you to attend in the future to stretch your skills beyond the basics and tell you about suppliers.

      Saying that though, it your are the sort of person that can read a book halfway through, fling it over your shoulder and remember what you need to do, go ahead by all means and look on Amazon for a book. There are so many to choose from and there are different genres to choose from like stringing, off loom weaving, polymer clay, PMC, resin etc... choose one area and master it. It's all too easy to get carried away..... NOT LIKE ANY OF US THEN!.... and go for everything and then find yourself flailing.

      We are all different when it comes to education and we all learn by different methods. Look on Youtube for video's if you can't find funds for a course. You still get shown, you can rewind and look at it again and again and again until you get what they are saying to do.

      As time goes by, your confidence will grow and you'll be interested in more genres, polymer clay for instance goes hand in hand with standard stringing and component based jewellery making, earwire and jump ring attachment, clasps/cable/crimp bead assembly and so on.

      Choose how you learn best and go in that direction
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        I learned loads from Youtube....there are oodles of different techniques on there
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          Originally posted by Loody View Post
          I learned loads from Youtube....there are oodles of different techniques on there
          I agree with Loody. I'm the kinda person that needs to see how it is done 'live' as opposed to looking at the pictorial steps (books). There are countless YouTubers (some professional, some amateurs) who produces easy to follow tutorials.

          I would first watch the tutorials to get an idea of the tools needed. I would suggest a tool kit (rather than buying them individually) as you're likely to make a saving that way.

          I think you will probably need beads, beading wire, headpins/eyepins (depending on what you'll be making), jump rings, ear wire/hooks etc. Again, I suggest looking at a few tutorials and see what they use to get a feel of what you may need.

          Check out YouTube's 'Beadaholic'. Hope that helps!
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            Great advice above.

            Also - have you a Bead Shop closeby? If so, most will offer classes for about £20.00 or so - they are great for teaching the basic techniques.

            I have to admit - I bought the Jewelry Making for Dummies Book (well the Other Half did - honest lol). The kits I find are pretty expensive in mainstream shops, but Bead Shops online do reasonable kits for starting out - for example, The Bead Shop in Manchester - which has an online store has a few:


            this kit includes the basic tools; pliers and cutters - which are essential. You could buy everything separately on ebay - but it may cost you more with P&P from different places.

            Or here is a selection of earring kits for about £3.00-£5.00.


            Good luck!
            Let us know how you go :-)

            Libby x
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              Thanks for all the advice! I do actually have a bead sbop near me who does classes so going to try out biginners class before i buy any tools etc!
              Will check out youtube too!
              Will keep you posted on my progress.


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                A one off beading class is a very good idea, to give you a feel for it before you buy all the tools. (But these can be bought for £3 & less each).

                But if you were to start without a class, the best point to start at is basic stringing on elastic, (no fastners needed), as you only need a pair of scissors as a tool for this. If you have a bead shop close to you that is ideal, as you should be able to get a small selection of beads and some elastic to get you going. And i'm sure the shop owner/employee would gladly show you how best to tie your knots.
                And then slowly progress from there once you have your confidence in stringing your beads.

                Good luck, and I hope you enjoy jewellery making.