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  • What do you think of my work

    Hiya, I need some advice from peers about my work. I've uploaded a few images to my gallery, and I'd be interested to know what you guys think.

    Friends, family, and acquaintances all say they like my pieces (and some even give me some constructive criticism), but I don't know if they are just trying to save my feelings! Friends have bought quite a few bits from me for gifts and things, but I haven't sold any of my 'ready made' stock yet - assume this takes time!

    I've applied to a couple of craft fairs in the last week, and I'm worried my work isn't good enough, or particularly unique (I figured if I didn't apply I stand no chance though!)

    Be really grateful for your opinions!

    p.s. I know these probably aren't the 'best' photos; another area I am working on!
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    What a brave question, and I think it deserves a straightforward answer.

    You are hugely under-priced.

    You are making perfectly nice pieces but there is nothing to make them standout. You need to develop a style which is utterly recognisably yours

    You would probably do better to make more complicated one off pieces in the hope of selling those rather than hoping for lots of sales. What you are producing now is in direct competition with makers in much poorer areas who will always undercut you.

    You are under-confident and so your sales pitch is wobbly try reading this article and see if it helps
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      Hi. I love your pieces, but didn't look at your prices so can't comment on that bit.

      I too have been told some of my prices were too cheap and that made one person question the quality of it!!!

      I have been to some craft fairs and done very well and at others, sold very little. You just need the right people at the right fair and if you don't succeed at the first one, don't give up.

      The fact that you have already sold some of your pieces should be telling you something. You just now need the confidence to go out there and sell yourself!



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        Thank you both!

        Handmade Lives, you said just what I was feeling. I've had real trouble finding 'My Style'. I just want to try everything! I think I've enjoyed the wire work I've done the most and working with Swarovski beads - this surprised me as in the past I've always thought they were nothing special.

        I also love to work with beads and bits made by UK artists, and would like to have a go at making my own beads and charms eventually which might help with the uniqueness of my items.

        It is interesting what you both say about pricing as I do factor in both materials and time into the pricing. Perhaps I am missing an element in my pricing; practical and design skills maybe.

        I definitely need to increase my confidence, but hoping this will come with time!

        Thanks again for your comments and advice!
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          I like your jewellery - have faith in yourself!

          But you are definitely under-charging - you must only just be breaking even. Work out your material and labour costs carefully before deciding on price.
          Annie and Lyn


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            Nice work, good luck for the future
            So many beads so little time!!



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              You aren't specific about what sort of wire or what sort of pearls in the featured three pearl necklace. That would be a deterrent to some. Customers want to know what they are buying
              I'd remove the biog from the home page too - or at least the bit about dropping the pgce


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                Thanks everyone for your advice and encouragement!

                Maybe one day I will be able to go a week without making massive changes to the content of my website.... maybe
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                  the jewellery is simple and nice but i can not say wow.. you need to show some creativity.
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