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Jewellery degrees Vs other

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  • Jewellery degrees Vs other

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and to jewellery making. I recently started a silversmithing course and I love it but it's only half a day a week. I've been wondering how to continue when this course ends - whether to stay at the same place and do another course there or try and do a degree or course or similar, something where it's more full time.

    Anyone here done a jewellery degree? Any advice/opinions about it - good idea? Bad idea? completely over rated?

    I'd really appreciate any info


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    I did a silversmithing evening class last year.Quite enjoyed it but realised it wasnt right for me.

    Could you ask your teacher for advice on how to pursue a career?
    I see it as alot of hard work, rewarding in its own way, plus as pieces are usually made specifically for somone or are one off then you can charge what you like.

    Unfortunately one of my teachers had most of he work stolen, so if you do pursue it as a career, make sure you hide what you make.

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      Hi, thanks for your reply.

      I could ask her, but prefer not to right now coz I'm still quite new to it and would worry she might think me having ideas above my station.

      I'm going on an open day in a couple of weeks - Eek! But hopefully that will give me more of an indication of what's involved.


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        The visual art world is bogged down with degrees - you are only as good as the art college you attended. Jewellery - handmade - is judged by it's merit, although I do play on the 'old artist' ticket now and again!